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Choosing Linear Bearings for a CNC Machine

After you determine the fundamental type and size of the CNC machine you want to build, your next step is to choose linear bearings. Your choice of linear bearings is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make. Linear bearings are the mechanical devices that allow parts of the CNC machine to slide […]

Mobile Bed vs. Mobile Gantry

The next step towards building your router or milling machine is to decide what fundamental type of machine you want to build. This website will primarily focus on 3 axis milling machines which are the most common types of machines for hobbyists. There are two fundamental types of machines; mobile bed and mobile gantry designs.

Choosing the number of axis for a CNC machine

CNC machines consist of one of more axis, on which a mechanical piece of hardware is allowed to move. Choosing the number of axis to have for your CNC router or mill is the first, and potentially most important design choice you will need to make.