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Up Cut vs. Down Cut Router bits

Whether you have a normal router, or a cnc router, you’ll still need to choose which bits to use in order to cut your material. There are many types of router bits, but most of them can be put into one of two categories. Up cut bits and down cut bits.

Selecting the material for your CNC machine

CNC machines can be built out of a variety of materials. If you’re going to build a CNC machine, it’s up to you to choose the best material to do it with. One of the main things that will determine the best type of material to build your CNC machine with is what you’re going […]

The difference between a mill and a router

Three axis CNC machines generally fall into two separate categories. Some CNC machines are routers while others are mills. These two types of CNC machines are for very different purposes, and as a result of that, are designed and built differently. For this article, the term ‘router’ is referring to the type of CNC machine, […]